Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Beatles Animated Christmas Special 2013

BEATLES ANIMATED: The 2013 Christmas Special
A couple days late, but it's HERE!
Keeping up with Beatles tradition, this video, like the later Christmas Beatles records, is a bit long, uninspired, and droning. This is mainly due to not having enough audio footage.
This is THE LAST Christmas video. One regular video left.
*****VIDEO FACTS*****
- This video used, manipulated 1,108 pictures.
- Enough footage was found to make a Christmas video 20 minutes long, but a lot of the video footage was pre-existing, royalty-free stock footage. I wanted to use as much Beatles-related footage as possible.
- The Game Show sequence took 7 hours on one Saturday to do.
- I took a consecutive 3 days off due to mental and creative burn-out.
- There wasn't a grand finale. Animating the Beatles to "All You Need Is Love" began on Christmas Eve and completed December 27.
- I wanted Chief Blue Meanie to make an appearance. I decided not to use him out of sheer laziness from the idea of having to animate another character.
- John the Game Show host's body was animated using a character from GoAnimate.
- A Moment With Ringo was added just because there wasn't enough of him. His spoken lines are the actual spoken words of Ringo Starr, voiced on a 2005 personal video for fans on his website.
- There was no available, unused Christmas message from John, so I used the fan-remix of I'm Only Sleeping and his speech about the War Is Over campaign just to give him scenes of intrigue and mystery.
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