Monday, 9 December 2013

The "1" videos

Please refer to our other Beatles blog for a discussion of the upcoming "1" video collection, here I just want to highlight the animated flash videos that were made to promote "1" upon it's original release in 2000.
Flash animation was very much in vogue at the time, and The Beatles' official website was all about the promotion of "1". So there were flash video games and other enhancements, including two brand new promotional films: one for "I Feel Fine" and one for "Come Together". Clicking these images will take you to a page with the true flash animations, not just a YouTube representation.

I Feel Fine

Download flash file here.

Come Together

Download flash file here.

Here's a medley created for the promotion of "1" in 2000:

And here's the promo film that advertised "1" upon the re-release in 2011:

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