Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Whatever Gets You Through The Night footage

John Lennon's last bit of promotion to do for Walls And Bridges, was the promo clip for "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" to be shown on Top Of The Pops. On November 15, 1974 a two-man BBC film crew, directed by John, spent a day with him around Central Park and various other locations in New York, to shoot a 16mm colour promotional film for the song "Whatever Gets You Through The Night".
A two minute long edit was used for "#9 Dream" in February 1975 on BBC1's Top Of The Tops.

This footage, which contained among its various scenes a parody/tribute of the film Breakfast At Tiffany's was later used in 1992 in The John Lennon Video Collection for the video assembled for 'Mind Games'.

A different edit saw the light in 2003 in the Lennon Legend video compilation.

As this wonderful footage has been edited for three different purposes (1: #9 Dream edit 1975; 2: Mind Games edit 1992; 3: Mind Games edit 2003) there was no way to enjoy the whole footage in one viewing and that's why this video has been assembled.

The original 1974 "Whetever Gets You Through The Night" promo is supposedly the one featured here.

Yoko Ono later created an alternate video for the song, featuring an animation of Lennon's drawings.

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