Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wish You A Merry Merry Christmas

Richard Cruz Jr. of Wolftrane has taken a 45 year old unfinished Paul McCartney Christmas song idea and added lyrics and a bridge - making a complete song out of Paul's short idea that originally appeared on the final 1969 Beatles Fan Club Christmas flexi disc (record).
Recorded at Attic Recording in Escondido (San Diego) CA Nov 2014. 
Written by Paul McCartney and Richard Cruz Jr.
Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards: Richard Cruz Jr. of - Wolftrane
Drums, percussion & backing Vocals: Nicolas Peters - of the Baja Bugs
Vocals & Guitar - Michael Hilding - of Sugarglider
with special guests
Psychedelic guitar - Peter Soros of Silky Seymour
Dan Colquitt - harmony guitar solo
Sueda: backing vocals

1 comment:

  1. Very much like what Cruz and crew have done with the little Macca tune and hope Paul doesn't take action for copyright infringement.