Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Beatles Live In Chicago 1964

All available footage of The Beatles live in Chicago 1964 Upgraded.
Sources of Footage:
0:18 - 16mm B&W Film By WGN 2 Sources (Newsreels)
4:34 - 16mm B&W Film By Barbre Productions
8:01 - 8mm Color By Bill Diehl (Before The Concert)
9:09 - The Concert
13:15 - 8mm Color By an Amateur Fan (Actual Concert Audio)


  1. Great video! But, isn't that audio actually from the Philadelphia concert from the same tour? It was originally on a bootleg record entitled "Live at Whiskey Flats". I think it is.

  2. Why even include the awful few seconds of film at the tail end?