Friday, 3 January 2014

Big Night Out February 1964

February 23, 1964: The Beatles travelled to ABC Television's Teddington Studio Center to tape their second appearance on the TV show Big Night Out. After rehearsals, the show was filmed in front of an audience that evening. The Beatles did not get to leave the studio until 10:30 PM that evening.
It was shown on ITV Network on February 29 from 6:35 to 7:25 PM, although it was shown in the London area on March 3 from 8:00 to 8:55 PM.
Also on the show as guest stars were Billy Dainty, Jackie Trent, and Lionel Blair. The Beatles were in three comedy skits with hosts Mike and Bernie Winters. In one of the skits, The Beatles arrived by boat to the studio on the River Thames, which was right near the studio. They drove through the studio in a car, entering a door marked customs. The show hosts were dressed as customs officers who searched the group's luggage, only to find large amounts of money from their recent trip to America.
The band lip-synched to All My Loving, I Wanna Be Your Man, Till There Was You, Please Mr. Postman, Money (That's What I Want), and I Want To Hold Your Hand.
Overseas, "Money" was eliminated from the show.

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